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Hey, At Least You Are Still Super

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Have you ever felt like a disappointment?  Do you sometimes feel like you are failing the people you love?  Well… maybe you have.  Or maybe you haven’t and just feel like you have.  

Maybe one or more of the following has happened lately:

  • You didn’t achieve the simplest task of taking a shower today.  Your hair is greasy and you have dandruff.  Your underarms are sweaty and you didn’t even put on a bra.  (Hey, at least you brushed your teeth.)
  • You didn’t reach all your massively unattainable goals this week, such as drive across two state lines and back and forth from town to town, by yourself, with no help, with a young child in tow, to visit family and in-laws, all biding for your attention and affection. (Hey, at least you were ambitious enough to attempt the endeavor.)
  • Time slipped away.  (Hey, at least you enjoyed the time you captured.)
  • You got pulled in all directions.  (Hey, at least you didn’t break, even if you did get stretched too thin.)
  • All your money just disappeared when you tried implemented your New Year’s banking transition and it somehow inexplicably backfired. (at least you have food in the pantry and plenty of Wendy’s napkins just in case you run out of toilet paper.)
  • You forgot your psych appointment (for the second time in a row) and now you don’t have your medication script and owe the doc for two missed session.  (At least you have – or know someone who has –  backup Apocalypse meds saved up.)
  • You couldn’t do your work so you messed around all day and did “the wrong thing” (Hey, at least you felt convicted and will do it right next time).
  • You tried too hard to do one thing and not hard enough to do the other.  (Hey, at least you did something.)
  • You blew off your therapist appointment and walked around the dollar tree for an hour with 16 bucks in hand and left with 3 free helium balloons.  (Hey, at least it was therapeutic to get out the house for a bit AND what kid isn’t thrilled to get a balloon?).
  • You feel guilty because you didn’t spend enough one-on-one time with your visiting nephew (or niece, as the case may be), whom you adore. (Hey, the time you did spend was quality time and an investment into your relationship).
  • You snapped at your husband.  (Hey, at least you didn’t bite his head off!)
  • You stayed up too late on a school night watching the Flintstones.  (Hey, at least you made it to school before the tardy bell rang, even if you did have a hole in your sock.)
  • You didn’t put your hair up and “Nogie” made a rat’s nest tangle in your long, curly hair.  (Hey, at least you inspire mommy to write fictional Mouse stories for you.)
  • You spilled the milk. (Hey, at least you’re attempting to be more independent.)
  • You didn’t publish a blog post in over 6 months!!!???!!! (Hey, at least you didn’t stop writing altogether and you have at least 5 full college-ruled notebooks with chicken-scratch to prove it)

So…have you disappointed and failed the people you love?  Maybe you have.  Maybe you haven’t but just feel like you have.  Either way, hey, at least the people you love love you back and accept you for who you are… and all you are… every element of who you are now right now… all of who you’ve been… and all that you will be…because true love endures all things (1 Cor 13) and God’s love covers all of our defects, faults, and frailties. Plus, the people you love and who love you have disappointed and failed you too (or, they feel like they have). But hey, at least you have the grace to love and be patient and understanding toward them too.  


Dr. Suess Quote - Be Yourself

And consider this: Clark Kent spends most of his time doing menial tasks as a humble and ordinary news reporter. But inside, he is really Superman.  When it counts, he transforms and uses his powers to save the day. And that’s what makes him Super.  You’re just the same.  You humble yourself, trust in God.  In your weakness He is strong.  When it counts, he transforms you and gives you the power you need to be the SuperMom, SuperDad, SuperFriend, SuperSissy, SuperDaughter, SuperSon, or SuperGrandma, that you are.  

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Double Talk Quotes: Me & Mica – “Are you done yet, can you cuddle me?” “Almost, I’m proofreading…plus I’m stinky, can you smell me?”  “Yeah.”  “Can you cuddle me anyway?”  

Bible Verse:  “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

Word that could NEVER describe you: Disappointment or Failure

Relatable Lyrics: “I Choose” by The Offspring

“Now if I wasn’t such a weenie
Do you think you’d still love me
Pretending I’m an airplane on the living
Room floor
But like a lovely generator
You stand right by me
And if words were wisdom I’d be talking even more…

This is Life…a playground if we choose. And I choose”

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