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Sloppy Joe

little michelle belle

“Who likes sloppy Joe?” my kindergarten teacher asked with a scowl on her face.  “Yuck” “ooh” “nasty” were the replies of the other students.  I timidly raised my hand.  I was the only one.

Poor Joe.  It was our very first day of school and no one liked him, not even the teacher!  So maybe Joe was sloppy.  That didn’t mean that the teacher should point that out in front of the whole class!  That didn’t mean that the other kids should be allowed to pick on him!  That didn’t mean that he shouldn’t have a friend.  I felt so sorry for Joe.  I hadn’t met him yet, but I thought, “I’ll be his friend.”

It wasn’t until I got to the lunch room cafeteria and ended up being served slop on a bun did I discover my error.

Apparently, I’ve been an empathetic person from a very young age.  It was recently asked of me if I believed that empathy is an innate or a learned behavior.  It goes back to the age-old debate of nature vs. nurture.  But I think it’s a bit of both.  There have been sociopaths that have come from good homes, but just don’t have the capacity to understand or care about the feelings of others.  On the flip side, some great people have come out of horrible childhood situations.

Personally, I feel like my empathy was ingrained in me from an early age.  My parents both taught me the value of the golden rule:  do to others as you would like them to do to you.  If the teacher had asked, “Who likes sloppy Belle?” I would have hoped that someone would have raised his hand.

(October 29, 2015 –  twins 16 months)

Double Talk Quote: “Mommy, I love you, ‘Squidward is my best friend, Spongebob is a dumb idiot'” – Mica all in one breath (2/16/13 age 5)

Bible Verse: “…do to others what you would have them do to you…”  Matthew 7:12

Term that has Lost its meaning: Mystery Meat

Relatable Lyrics: “The Golden Rule” – Agapeland Three Ring Saturday Gingerbrook Fare

“The rule is gold because, it cost so much to break…”

The Doll House

Mica and doll houses a bunch

Money was tight, but we were making ends meet.  Amor was working full time and I was a stay at home mom to Mica, who was about to turn two at the time.  She loved playing with these little miniature dolls, about three to four inches in height.  A doll house would be perfect for her birthday!

I am a thrifter, and by the grace of God, have a talent for finding good deals on used items in good condition.  So I kept my eyes peeled for a good, used doll house.  I started a few months before her birthday but to my surprise, I came up with nothing, zilch, nada.  So I prayed.  “God please give Mica a doll house for her birthday.”  I couldn’t afford to buy one new.

Her birthday arrived and I still hadn’t found anything.

I was driving on a street close to our house, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a doll house out by the curb, waiting to be collected by the town’s trash pick-up.  It looked good.  Surely something was wrong with it if someone was throwing it out.   I pulled over to check it out.  It was clean, intricate in detail, very big, and foldable.  So I folded it up and took it home.  It had a place for batteries so I put new ones in and the thing actually worked.  The doorbell rang, you could press a button and the lights would come on, open a window and you’d hear birds singing.

So I cleaned and sanitized it, then I explained to Mica that God had given her a birthday gift.  I showed it to her.  She was ecstatic!  She opened the tiny refrigerator door, she lifted the lid to the tiny potty, then she opened the door to the tiny oven.  Inside was a small plate with a monogrammed “M” on it.  “M, for Mica!” I exclaimed.  It was obvious that God had heard my prayer.  He knew the desires of my heart.  He provided like he’d done so often in the past, and as I learned, would also do in the future.

I write a lot about God’s provision.  I guess it’s because he’s been so good and gracious when I deserve it least.  This month our family has had some unexpected expenses arise.  I’m not sure how we are going to balance it out by the end of this month, next month or the next with all we have due and with Christmas coming up.  But I know one thing:  God will provide.

Both babies & Mica love playing outside.  My cousin gave us an awesome swing set / slide / playhouse for free that is perfect for Mica and her friends.  A stranger gave us outdoor equipment that included a slide and swing for the twins.  I found a kiddy slide in the “free” section of a thrift store.  At a yard sale we were given two girl’s vanities, a mini cleaning catty, two baby doll stroller, tons of “Dora” books, and a floor puzzle.  I told Amor, “That just made Bella’s Christmas!”  Again, God’s provision.

In the same spirit of giving, I have been giving away their baby items as they outgrow them, to families in need.  This has been my pledge all along:  Be a blessing and be blessed.  And God continually blesses us.  Thank You, God!

outside  outside 2

(October 22, 2015 –  twins 15 months)

Double Talk Quote: “I want to know if you’re ready to church!” – Amor, meant to say “…go to church”

Bible Verse: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matt 6:33

Word that has Lost its meaning: affordable

Relatable Lyrics:  “He is All We Need” – Highlands Worship

“Carried only by Your grace and mercy God
Though we are undeserving
You called us Your own
Once were orphaned, now we sit at the table of the King”


sleepy 55


I’m so tired, still I open my eyes

Breathing too quickly although I try

To inhale calmly and let out a sigh

And think to myself and wonder why

Am I so cold?  And to my surprise

I’ve hidden exhaustion behind a guise

Of nervous energy and wicked lies

I tell myself to realize

What dreams mean when I fly

And when I fall wish I were high

And then I’ll crawl wish I could cry

Again that’s all like I have died


I’m so sleepy, still I am awake

Dreaming when so much real is at stake

And sometimes decisions that I have to make

Are more like illusions that I have to fake

And even though sometimes I make a mistake

I still need to rest; the whole world needs to wait

Because I need to sleep so I need to take

Something that won’t make me crash too late

But nothing is out there for my own sake

And nothing’s in here for me not to hate

Except nothing and nowhere for me to escape

Through the cracks, can’t sleep through this mental earthquake.

Jan 20, 2003


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