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“Psst… Are You Pregnant Again?”

I just got back from a BIG family vacation to Disney World a few weeks ago.  It was a crazy, awesome time!  But more on that at a later date.

All at Disney - Majic Kingdom

Me and the Crew at Magic Kingdom, Disney World!


Yesterday was Sunday.  I would like to take a moment to focus on a little question that was made to me yesterday.  I was volunteering at my church, like I usually do, teaching in the 3-5-year-olds’ class.  It was near the end of the service when an associate of mine approached me and engaged me in a short conversation.  After exchanging pleasantries, we chatted briefly about our children.  As I was returning to my room to finish up, she whispered down the hall, “Psst…Are you Pregnant Again?

How should I feel?  Should I be shocked, dismayed, angry, annoyed, criticized, self-conscious, disgraced, scored and/or maybe embarrassed?  Doesn’t everyone know not to ask that question unless they are absolutely sure that the answer is “yes”?  Am I so big that I look pregnant?

“No, I’m done with all that,” was my simple reply and off I ran, back to my classroom.

Now, just before Christmas, with the approval of my doctor, I had slowly decreased a few of my medications and even cut one out altogether.  I did have some difficulties with the transition, including some moderate depression and fluctuating moods.  One pleasant side-effect (for me anyway) was that I lost a few pounds, without even trying (my dear husband likes me on the bigger side, however, so he wasn’t as thrilled with the change)!  The weight-loss wasn’t significant and my weight tends to fluctuate anyway, so it wasn’t a very big deal.  I really didn’t think anyone even noticed except for me and my husband.

A couple of weeks before we left to go on the vacation, I knew I needed to pull myself together so I’d be stable for what turned out to be a very unstable trip.  So, again, with the doc’s permission, I upped my doses of mood-stabilizers.  And with that increase, I regained some of those previously lost pounds.  “No biggie,” I punned to myself.  After all, I’ve been eating healthy foods, drinking tons of water and getting plenty of exercise.  The only change has been with my meds.  Some medications just have weight gain as a side-effect and it’s really, really hard to beat.

This past week, my sister and her two-year-old son were in town visiting and my now 9-year-old daughter had her birthday party at our house.  We had a great time, but some things were left undone.  For example, in the morning, as I was getting ready for church, I realized that I hadn’t done my laundry in over a week!  Really the only clean, decent thing I had to wear was an extra large tank top or a tiny tube top.  I decided that the tube top might be indecent for church, because for pants, of course, I was going to wear leggings. But then again, the large tank top was so loose that my cleavage would show.  So, I wore both; the tube underneath to cover my boobage and the tank over it to cover the tube’s tightness.   I wasn’t worried about how big the shirt was, it was long enough to cover my bum, plus I was going to wear an accentuating sweater to tie the ensemble together anyway.

My thought process while actually getting ready was really not that sophisticated.  I mean, who am I there to impress?  God loves me no matter what.  And three, four, and five-year-olds don’t care what you wear.  So I went to church and did my service.  While singing and dancing with the kiddies, I got hot, so hot, in fact, that I took my sweater off. The only thing I felt slightly self-conscious about was the large scar I have on my back, part of which was partially exposed because my hair was up.  It was shortly after that, that the comment was made…

Psst…Are you Pregnant Again?”

How should I feel?  Insulted.  I should feel insulted; throw that tank top away, go on a strict diet, starve myself, and quit taking my stupid medications that cause the stupid side-effect!

But the more I thought about it, the less insulted I felt.  I began to have a fresh perspective.  I decided not to accept it as an insult.  And here’s why:

  1. Someone thought I was enough of a Super Mommy to actually handle another kid, (especially another baby).
  2. I’m no spring chicken.  I’m not old but at age 35, the ob-gyn docs start considering you as a “high risk” patient.  I could take the comment as a compliment, even.  I look young enough to want to have more children!
  3. I’ve heard this same woman talk before.  I don’t think she tries to be mean or insulting.  I think she’s just insensitive.  And maybe she doesn’t even realize she’s saying something that others may find offensive.
  4. I really just don’t care that much about what other people think about me anymore.  Why should I let one comment bash my self-esteem when I know I’m trying my best?
  5. I don’t think I look pregnant.  Why should I care if one other person on this planet does?

20170308_Pretty Mommy 2

A very recent picture of my (not-pregnant) self!


So after this post, I’m going to “Let It Go;” like water off a duck’s back.

water off donald duck's back


Double Talk Quote: (And this is a coincidence…) “Mommy, can you give me some insults?” – Mica, after our first day at Disney World.  She was trying to say “insoles” for her shoes because her feet hurt from walking so much.

Bible Verse: “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” 1 Peter 3:9

Word that has Lost its meaning: insulted

Relatable Lyrics:  “Let It Go” – Disney’s Frozen

“Let it go, let it go… I don’t care, what they’re going to say…”

Disney - Epcot - Me Mommy Belle at Epcot with the girls, Bella, Micaela, and Grace; Elsa and Anna

Me and my girls at Epcot




“Twins are So Much Easier Than a Singleton…”

silly selfie 4 - cute twins mommy belle

Excuse me?  Huh?  What?  Are you serious?  Do my ears deceive me?  How do you figure? Did you really just say that?  The questions raced through my brain.  Unfortunately, our conversation was abruptly interrupted (betcha can’t guess how) and I didn’t get a chance to ask the veteran mom-of-twins any of these questions before we had to leave.

Right after my babes were born, I asked a fellow mom-of-twins, whose boys were nine years old, if she had any wisdom or advice for me.  She bluntly told me that she didn’t remember anything from the first two years due to the stress, lack of sleep, and chaos that having two babies at one time brings.  She was the first of many mom-of-twins to tell me that the first two years are a blur.

I wondered if the veteran mom who made the title comment had contracted the ever-so-prevalent fugue state illness, known as “Mommy Brain.”  Earlier in our conversation, she mentioned that her twins were in kindergarten.  I’ve heard that by this age twins “entertain themselves,” (although moms have to be more vigilant of competitiveness and more attentive to conflict intervention / resolution).  Maybe over the past three years she, too had forgotten the first few years.  Or maybe she just had easy babies.   Or Maybe she’s just a better mom than me.  Or maybe she finds it easier because she doesn’t have Bipolar disorder.  So many maybes…

I’ve been a mom to a “singleton.”  It wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t that she was disobedient or misbehaved, or out of hand.  Being a mom is a lot of work. (You’ve read the Mommy Resume!)  As I’ve written before, “here’s my equation:  Double that (2 year old twins) + 8-year-old daughter + marital challenges + financial difficulties + changing environment (baby Asher leaving, 7-year old Hope becoming like a 4th child to me) + Bipolar disorder & anxiety issues = “’God I need your help’”

So the veteran mom is a SuperMom for sure, as are many of my other friends and acquaintances who have multiples or multiple children.  Just because I’m not as confident or centered doesn’t mean I’m not a SuperMommy too!  And here’s why:

Because God helps me get through day by day, minute by minute.  Regardless of whether they are taking turns napping, throwing food across the table at one another, having meltdowns, or pulling their diapers off and running away from me.  I have the patience to deal with whatever comes my way, simply because God works through me daily and I feel privileged to have the above equation.  

God gave me a lot of responsibilities because he wanted to show himself through me.  He wants to be glorified in me.  If I had had a singleton instead of twins, then maybe I wouldn’t have felt the need to lean on Him so much.  And with this great responsibility comes great joy.

And if anyone ever tells you that “Twins are So Much Easier Than a Singleton,” you have my permission to tell them that it has been scientifically proven that that simply is not true!  (You have the archives of my blog as evidence to back it up.)

Double Talk Quote:  Me to Bella, who was throwing a fit “What’s the big problem here?”  “Dada!”  (I still don’t know the details but he did something to make her raging mad!)

Bible Verse: “…From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48

Word that had Lost its meaning (there for a minute): confidence

Relatable Lyrics:  My own personal lyrics to DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win”

All I Do is Twin!

All I do is twin twin twin no matter what
Got laundry on my mind I can never get it done
And every time I step up in the buildin’
Everybody hands go up
And they stay there
And they say yeah
And they stay there
Up down, up down, up down
‘Cause all I do is twin twin twin
And if you goin’ in put your hands in the air
Make ’em stay there

I never go no where
But they saying Mommy’s back…
My hands go up and down like babies’ booty’s go…
Y’all better count me in
Got empty bank accounts, accountants count me zip…
Cause all I do, all I, all I, all I
All I do is…Twin!

Money Shot - My Earthquakers - Micaela and twins1

Baby Blues

Baby Blues

da da da da dum…
da da da da dum…
da da da da dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, de dum, da da dum…
da da da da dum…

I woke up from naptime,
I was ready to play,
Mommy was alone, Daddy wasn’t home, he had to work all day,

Now I got the play time,
The play-time baby blues (bl-ues),
Yeah, the Mommy she’s real cool,
But sometimes she just won’t do.

da da da da dum…

I woke up at midnight,
Look what someone did,
Encaged and enraged, shocked and dismayed, they made me sleep in my crib,

Now I got the midnight,
The midnight baby blues (bl-ues),
So I cried to my Mommy (come pick me up),
I wanna cuddle with you.

da da da da dum…

I woke up this morning,
I was ready for food,
Looked over to find Mommy by my side with a yum-yum filled boob,

Now I got some yum-yums,
To cure my baby blues (bl-ues),
Yeah, the yum-yums good for my tum-tums (give me some)
To cure my baby blues.

Yeah, I had the baby (baby)
I had the baby blues (bl-ues),
I had the little-baby-‘bout-to-make-my-mommy-go-insane-y blues, blues.

(Written Dec 2008)


2014 Newborn twin grin

Twin Grin – Bella and Brooks

Micaela baby and mommy

Mommy and Baby Mica




Warning:  Yum-Yum (breast-feeding) Photo ahead:




breast-feeding twins 23 months 1

23 months (almost at the 2-year marker)!


Out The Window

As I look out the windows of my warm home on this freezing cold, snowy day, I can’t help but appreciate the beauty of nature:

window - bedroom birdhouse

The birdhouse from my bedroom window…

window - Mica's room berries

The berries outside Mica’s window…

window - play room rose

Snow-covered roses from the playroom window…

window - bathroom icesicles

The icicles from the bathroom window…

window - dining room bird's nest

The snowy bird’s nest from the dining room window…

window - LR

Kids playing, from the living room window (Yes, that’s Mary and Joseph still outside in February)…


…and from the kitchen window? Nature calls!!!

Double, Double Talk Quotes:  Bella was drinking a slushy too quickly:  “You’ll get freeze brain” – Hope.  “Yeah, you might froze.” – Amor

Word that had lost its meaning:  Windex

Verse: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

Relatable Lyrics:  “When It’s Over” by Sugar Ray

“All the things that I used to say
All the words that got in the way
All the things that I used to know
Have gone out the window”

Now, Who’s Responsible for Gum in Grandma’s Hair?

Mica Bella Grace Brooks electronics box gum - edited

Grandma recently had the unfortunate misfortune of innocently sitting down on the bed and leaning back onto the baby-proof padded foam wall lined with poke-a-dots.  She didn’t notice the wad of chewing gum blending into the background until she sat up and felt the unmistakable, sticky, cinnamon scented goop stuck on a very prominent part of her recently cut and straightened hair.

It was easy enough to remove, using the old peanut butter and fine-tooth comb trick. But Who, but who, would have carelessly and irresponsibly stuck gum to the headboard of a bed?  Let’s examine possible suspects:

  1. Bella:  She knows what gum is, can identify and say the word gum, but is not know to try to chew it.  Culpability Probability?  slim-to-none
  2. Brooks:  He’s been know to slip gum from mommy’s “electronic’s box” (box where she keeps her remote controls, phones, camera, and baby monitor, oh, and also gum – all in one place so she can reach it while holding two squirmy 18 month olds), but Brooks is not know to actually spit the gum out, much less stick it to the wall.  Culpability Probability?  possible, but not likely
  3. Mica:  She’s always getting into mommy’s gum but from a young age has always been responsible; spitting it out when done and putting it in the trash can.  Culpability Probability?  doubtful she’s responsible
  4. Hope:  Totally something she would do.  Only one problem:  Although Hope has no problem chowing down on super-spicy Mexican food, she can’t handle mint or cinnamon flavored anything, the taste being too strong.  And since the gum was not fruity flavored…Culpability Probability?  not completely outside the realm of possibility, but almost.
  5. Amor:  As an adult, you’d think he’d know better.  Well, let’s just say, I’ve had a similar issue on his side of the bed.  Problem is, he hasn’t been near the bed recently.  Therefore, Culpability Probability?  maybe 1% chance it was him
  6. Mommy Belle:  The mom who religiously insists on good oral hygiene, makes sure all kids brush well twice a day, has even written a song and blog post about teeth, but who also has a not-so-healthy habit of sneaking a snack (night medicine triggers huger) after finally getting the twins to sleep but then is too afraid of waking them to actually get up to re-brush teeth, so she chews xylitol-laced gum to ease her conscience but still too worried about waking two sleeping toddlers to throw the chewed gum away, sticks it to an innocuous place until morning when she gets a chance to clean it up, but may have forgotten this time…Culpability Probability?  hummm, you know what, it was probably Mr. Nobody.

Double Talk Quote:  “You’re going to grow up to be an awesome person!” – Me to Mica  “Like you!” – Mica to me (be still my heart!)

Verse: “ Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.” Proverbs 8:10-11

Term that has Earned its meaning: sticky situation

Relatable Lyrics:  “Weird Al” Yankovic – First World Problems

“Uh, I had to buy something I didn’t even need just
so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon”

Bella Mica and Brooks with gum

toothbrush ditched for gum

Brooks with gum

Why was the Mom of Twins stressed?


It was too intense


Double Talk Quote: “Get it?  It was two in tents” – Me

Bible Verse: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you” 1 Peter 5:7

Term that has Lost its meaning: clean floor

Relatable Lyrics:  “I am the Walrus” by The Beatles

“Elementary penguin singing Hare Krishna
Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe”

(Sept 18, 2015 –  twins 14 months)

The Three Mischievous Cats

Mar Mar cat

(Although fictional, this is a reality-inspired story that I wrote for Mica a few years back)

Once, there were three kitty cats.  The biggest and oldest of them all was named Scooter.  The hairiest one was named Blackie, and the one with the most sensitive tummy’s name was Marlin J, often referred to as Mar-Mar.  One day, they went to their cat bowl to eat, but it was completely void of wet cat food.  All that was there to eat was the dry stuff.  “This is absolutely unacceptable!” uttered Scooter.  This got the other two all riled up and the three decided it was time to revolt.  “I’ll Poke Everyone with my cold, wet nose,” announced Scooter with a firm determination.  “I’ll use my teeth to pull all my fur out and it will get all over the human’s freshly cleaned clothes,” Blackie said.  “That ought to get their attention.”  “I’ll hurl whatever food I gobble up onto the floor where the humans walk,” exclaimed Mar-Mar.  After developing their secret plan, the decided to put it into action.  After a while, the humans got annoyed of the cold nose bumping, fur everywhere & constantly stepping in vomit, so they caged them up and took them to a feline Catologist that specializes in abnormal behavioral disorders.

They were diagnosed with Catzophrenia, Obsessive Catpulsive Disorder, and Catatonic Hypochondricat Disease.  They were prescribed Prozacat, Catbalta, Kitalin, Lyricat, Catfexor, and Cadderall to ease their afflictions.  Also as a precautionary messure to ensure the cats are not a danger to themselves or others, GPS devices have been installed on their collars and an invisible fence now surrounds the humans’ property.

The End.

(Many Bloggers write about their pets, this is just my humble contribution.  Still to come:  “The Four Devious Dogs”)

  blackie fur
cat food bowl

Let’s Stay Up and Play

twins play - books funny face
Mommy says, soft and sweet,
“Go to bed, it’s time to sleep…
In your crib, don’t you weep.”
But in babies’ heads here’s what they think:
“I don’t wanna go to bed tonight,
I don’t want a nap today,
I don’t want to go to sleep, that’s right,
Let’s stay up and play!”
Mommy sings a lullaby
“Go to sleep, don’t you cry…
Please don’t whine, just close your eyes.”
But in babies’ minds, they wonder, why? (Porque why)
And “I don’t wanna go to bed tonight,
I don’t want a nap today,
I don’t want to go to sleep, that’s right,
Let’s stay up and play!”
Everybody sing (chorus)
Let’s play all night and day…
Let’s stay up and play!
Hooray for play!
– Written by S. Michelle Ward Mendoza
(November 2008 for Mica, now adapted for and dedicated to Brooks and Bella)
brooks amor smilebella mommy bell
Twins USAearthquakers twins grace Mica crib

Mommy Résumé

one of the best photos of all time

 Mommy Belle

321 WhitsEnd Lane, Bellesboro, Some State, USA 54321

Objective:  Explaining (in a tip-of-the-iceburg sort of way) what “Stay At Home Moms” do all day


  • Expert off-spring maker & quality care provider with 7 years of extensive, expensive, and intensive mommying experience.
  • Dedicated wife and mother to 3 awesome children: one 7 year old daughter and a set of 8 month old boy/girl twins.  Aunt to two superkids: one 5 years old, and one 7 months.
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects while (almost always) meeting challenging deadlines, such as dinner, church and most appointments.
  • Extensive involvement in all levels of child-rearing up to 7 years old.


– Valedictorian of High School (granted, there were a grand total of 12 seniors, but still…)

– Associate in Arts in Criminal Justice (a degree I’m proud to mention, although I’ve never been on the right or wrong side of the law)

– BS in Psychology (which, in my experience, is what most psychologists spew)

Experience & Skills:

  • Gourmet Chef (but some experience with short order cooking):  Ability to use multiple pots and pans, microwave and oven while simultaneously wearing a baby and ensuring the kitchen does not catch on fire or end up looking like a disaster by the time I am completed.
  • Janitor:  Temporary success from time-to-time completing never-ending cycles of laundry, cleaning floors, sorting and sanitizing toys, and dusting at least once per year.
  • Doctor:  No med school but I know how to fix the boo boos and kiss it all better.
  • Psychiatrist:  I manage my own Bipolar disorder, toggle among my 6 current psychiatric medications depending on current needs.
  • Child Psychologist:  Proven success manipulating motivating children to behave, particularly when others aren’t looking.
  • Teacher:  Have formed the enviable talent of explaining in long, drawn-out detail, extremely monotonous and simple things.
  • Scientist:  Extensive experimenting experience.  Most notably, using vinegar and baking soda for cleaning (and getting the kids involved in scrubbing when they hear “the sound of clean.”)
  • Preacher:  less of a “Brimstone and Fire” type and more of the “What Would Jesus do?” kind.  Relationship building, not religion teaching.
  • Investigator:  Sometimes, just once in a while, it is too quiet, and there is trouble amiss.
  • Police Officer, Judge, and Corrections Officer, I protect & serve and issue verdicts to end the disputes, and execute the sentences (usually time outs).
  • Professional Item Locator:  I know where any piece of any game is, at any given time.  I have the ability to subconsciously make a mental note when I see something out of place and recall its location when someone asks for it later.
  • Organization Specialist:  Use this must-have skill that all moms of multiples must acquire in order to simply survive.
  • Administrator and Administrative Assistant, I schedule and keep the appointments and make the coffee.
  • Event Planner:  How many birthdays and anniversaries there are every year?  In a family this large, more than one.  I handle all that with ease.
  • Author and Editor:  Have narrated and rewritten countless stories I have learned or made up, and continually recount events from my own life adding questions and morals.  Also must make time to write prayer journals and in baby books, so as to never forget.  Blog to express feelings and connect with others.
  • Computer and Electronics and Washing Machine Repair Person:  I can turn the computer off and back on again.  I can install a light bulb without getting shocked.  I can kick the machine ’til it works.  And that’s how that works.
  • Plumber:  Own plunger too.  And a homemade sink snake.  And a pipe wrench just in case.  I didn’t have fancy insulation, so I duct taped old towels to the water heater to save money.
  • Chief Fiscal Manager:  The bills get paid and the buck stops here.
  • Risk Examiner Specialist:  To determine how much insurance we need, usually just a helmet.
  • Singer / Songwriter: Children must fall asleep somehow / My children spark my inspiration (although I need a collaborator since I have lyrics but can’t write the music, I hear it in my head).
  • Actor / Entertainer:  Most of the time, I don’t feel like doing it, but it must be done so I slap on a smile and enthusiastically jump in and do what needs to be done.
  • Drill Sargent:  Use to combat defiance during periods of homework or chores – a last resort strategy.
  • Chauffeur:  Drive everyone everywhere, install all car seats correctly.
  • Personal Shopper:  Professional thrifter.  Main purchaser of things needed for self – times shopper for everyone else in the family.


Available to work 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th shifts, capable of holding one baby and wearing the other during bathroom breaks.  On call during all other hours of the day/night.  Except when expected to service husband.

Compensation Expectations:  Far above rubies

(March 14, 2015 –  twins 8 months)

Double Talk Quote: “It must be nice to just stay at home all day” – said the idiot  “Yes, I love laying around eating bon-bons and watching Judge Judy while the kids feed, teach, and love themselves and the house magically becomes clean.” – replied the smarty-pants stay-at-home-mom.

Bible Verse: Proverbs 31:10-31 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies...”

Term that has Lost its meaning: career move

Relatable Lyrics: “The Mom Song” by Go Fish – This is a MUST LISTEN if you are a mom!

2015-03-20 kids earthquakers  earthquakers twins asher

Cat in the Hat 2015-04-02 Mommy resume

4. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do: Double Rainbow Wedding

 I Do wedding shoes and flowers

…Praise God, North Carolina issued us a marriage license. But that presented yet another problem:  We had to get married in North Carolina but we had already booked and put down a deposit on the SC venue and invitations had already been sent out.  We could go back to the Justice of the peace (again) and exchange vows at an NC court before the wedding, but that would give us yet a 3rd anniversary date!  We really wanted the wedding and corresponding legal document to be October 7, 2012, exactly 7 years since our 2nd vow exchange.

So we spoke to the pastor.  His church is actually located in North Carolina, right above the NC/SC boarder.  The beach resort where we were to have the wedding was only located about a half hour to 40 minutes away from the boarder.  The pastor agreed to officially marry us at his church in North Carolina, in the wee hours of the morning, before his church service that Sunday, and then meet us in South Carolina at 3pm for the wedding ceremony, where we would exchange vows, again, for the 4th time.  We needed two more (real life) witnesses, so this time, I enlisted the help of my other sister, Starla and her husband-to-be, Jeff.

So the day of the wedding, we got up early and headed north.  We said our quick and legal “I Do’s”, signed the paperwork.  Then,  we headed back down south to quickly get ready to renew the vows we’d just made.

DSC_0129 I Do

Because much of the wedding party and professionals were coming in from out of town, we were unable to have a rehearsal, so there were a few glitches but nothing that bothered me or Amor (but it may have irked Grandma, the perfectionistic organizer, just a little bit).  Mica, Hope and a dear friend, “Sharin’s” daughter were my flower girls.  I couldn’t pick a sister to be my Maid of Honor, so Mica played that role as well.  She even got to add to the ceremonial sand.  It was a precious and treasured family memory.  Our pastor’s wife, whom I’ve admired since I was five years old, read 1 Corinthians 13, which describes the attributes of love.

DSC_0161 I do DSC_0072 I Do

Having an actual wedding, with close friends and family in attendance was a fairy tale dream I never thought would occur.  The color scheme was rainbow, which is quite symbolic, in and of itself.  I had worked extensively with the DJ on the music.  The reception was a disco/karaoke type party which included music in both Spanish and English and a lot of colorful lights, glow sticks and bubbles.  (I’ve always preferred fun over elegance anyway.)

DSC_0048 I Do DSC_1093 I do

At the end of that exhausting, yet exhilarating day, there we were.  We had traveled a long journey.  From our first meeting in 2000 to being officially and legally wed in 2012 and all the ups and downs in between, and all the ups and downs to come, we felt the presence of God on that beach.  And He’s still right here and He’ll never let us go.

Since then, Amor has mentioned having yet another wedding in Mexico some day for the friends and family on his side that were unable to attend here.  I guess a 5th “I do” wouldn’t hurt.  It would give the twins the opportunity to add some ceremonial sand too!

DSC_0221 I Do

Double Talk Quote:  “It went off with a ‘hitch’,”  instead of “without a hitch”- Me to Grandma when thanking her for making all this possible.

Verse:  “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” 1 Corinthians 13:7

Term that has Lost its meaning: happily ever after

Relatable Lyrics: “Song of Love” by Rebecca St. James

(March 21, 2015 –  twins 8 months)

*Thank You, dear friend, Cheree Johnson for the awesome wedding photos*


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