Think: "You think you can, You think you can, You think you can" & one day say: "You thought you could, You said you could, You knew you could" & thus, at least: you thought you did.

The Story of a Dream


Sorry I came without calling first
This is not the time or place
But I had to tell you
That in heaven, it’s not too bad
Tomorrow you won’t remember
“It was only a dream,” you’ll tell yourself
And my reply will be in the form of a shooting star

Now you’d better get some rest
Let me tuck you in like I did years ago
Do you remember when I used to sing you to sleep?
They only let me come,
Enter your dreams to see you
It’s just, that on that sad night
I couldn’t tell you goodby

And when it was time for me to go
To that land of peace
I just wanted to tell you goodby,
Give you a kiss and see you one more time.
I promise you, you’ll be happy
So put on that Beautiful Smile

And Like that, only like that
Do I want to remember you
Like that, like before,
Like that, looking forward
Like that,
You made my life better
Like that

& now I anoint you
Only you will continue our journey
Well, it’s getting late
I have to leave now
In a few seconds you’ll wake up.

(loose translation – “La Historia de un Sueño” by La Oreja de Van Gogh)

Comments on: "The Story of a Dream" (3)

  1. Beautiful

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  2. Wow – I find it so moving and symbolic that I am reading this on the very day that I lost my beloved father Richard David Leshin in 2009. I miss him more than words can say.

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am speechless and thankful to you with love;
    God bless you. I will share these lyrics on my blog and hope you don’t mind!!!!!
    I’ll give you credit! 🙂

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