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The Three Mischievous Cats

Mar Mar cat

(Although fictional, this is a reality-inspired story that I wrote for Mica a few years back)

Once, there were three kitty cats.  The biggest and oldest of them all was named Scooter.  The hairiest one was named Blackie, and the one with the most sensitive tummy’s name was Marlin J, often referred to as Mar-Mar.  One day, they went to their cat bowl to eat, but it was completely void of wet cat food.  All that was there to eat was the dry stuff.  “This is absolutely unacceptable!” uttered Scooter.  This got the other two all riled up and the three decided it was time to revolt.  “I’ll Poke Everyone with my cold, wet nose,” announced Scooter with a firm determination.  “I’ll use my teeth to pull all my fur out and it will get all over the human’s freshly cleaned clothes,” Blackie said.  “That ought to get their attention.”  “I’ll hurl whatever food I gobble up onto the floor where the humans walk,” exclaimed Mar-Mar.  After developing their secret plan, the decided to put it into action.  After a while, the humans got annoyed of the cold nose bumping, fur everywhere & constantly stepping in vomit, so they caged them up and took them to a feline Catologist that specializes in abnormal behavioral disorders.

They were diagnosed with Catzophrenia, Obsessive Catpulsive Disorder, and Catatonic Hypochondricat Disease.  They were prescribed Prozacat, Catbalta, Kitalin, Lyricat, Catfexor, and Cadderall to ease their afflictions.  Also as a precautionary messure to ensure the cats are not a danger to themselves or others, GPS devices have been installed on their collars and an invisible fence now surrounds the humans’ property.

The End.

(Many Bloggers write about their pets, this is just my humble contribution.  Still to come:  “The Four Devious Dogs”)

  blackie fur
cat food bowl

Comments on: "The Three Mischievous Cats" (8)

  1. So cool! My there kitties were just as “interesting”. I miss them so much. Thank you for sharing and bringing back fond memories.

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  2. Made me laugh – esp the last part about the GPS and invisible fence! And you said it was a fictional story… there’s more true than not in that story.

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  3. Actually, Scooter would always love-bite me if he wanted food. Now that he’s had 6 teeth pulled, he can no longer do that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. hahaha very creative medication names

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  5. And now two of them really are on prozicat!

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