Think: "You think you can, You think you can, You think you can" & one day say: "You thought you could, You said you could, You knew you could" & thus, at least: you thought you did.


sleepy 55


I’m so tired, still I open my eyes

Breathing too quickly although I try

To inhale calmly and let out a sigh

And think to myself and wonder why

Am I so cold?  And to my surprise

I’ve hidden exhaustion behind a guise

Of nervous energy and wicked lies

I tell myself to realize

What dreams mean when I fly

And when I fall wish I were high

And then I’ll crawl wish I could cry

Again that’s all like I have died


I’m so sleepy, still I am awake

Dreaming when so much real is at stake

And sometimes decisions that I have to make

Are more like illusions that I have to fake

And even though sometimes I make a mistake

I still need to rest; the whole world needs to wait

Because I need to sleep so I need to take

Something that won’t make me crash too late

But nothing is out there for my own sake

And nothing’s in here for me not to hate

Except nothing and nowhere for me to escape

Through the cracks, can’t sleep through this mental earthquake.

Jan 20, 2003


Comments on: "Sleepy" (3)

  1. “mental earthquake” – I love that phrase. Oh, I’m sleepy now, but nothing like the level of what this poem depicts so well, and I know that state of mind too.

    Hope you’re feeling good today!!!! Xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m not as tired as when I originally wrote it, having gone days without sleep during those times. At least now insomnia is more of a stressful nuisance than a major life disruption, as it once was!

      And I imagine you can relate, especially to the “mental earthquake” part!
      xoxo to you too & God Bless with rest!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel too sleepy to comprehend this hahah.
    Were you reading a lot of Dr Seuss at the time..?
    Very creative


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