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Sick of Santa

Bella Prefers Jesus

“I don’t know about you but I’m sick of giving that guy all the credit.” This was my end reply to the question of what Mica wanted from Santa this year. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I felt the Holy Spirit’s still, small voice say, “Well, why do you?”

I’ve never had to have the “Santa Talk” with Mica because I’ve always made light of him while bringing the true meaning of Christmas into focus. “It’s fun to pretend there’s a Santa, isn’t it? But what’s the real reason we celebrate Christmas? Right, Jesus!” Yet, she’s always gone to see Santa and gotten gifts from him.

One year she wanted a Dora kite. We had lost one in the wind earlier that Fall. I searched high and low for a kite for sale in Winter. I went to every store that existed. I looked online. No one was selling a Dora kite. So, I bought some wrapping paper with Dora on it and made her one. Boy did it sting when she opened it on Christmas and said, “Wow, thanks, Santa!”

In our home, we have been focusing on the lesson of how God uses people to provide for others. One night, Hope was over and saw what she believed to be her bag of candy. Mica contended that it was hers (my mistake, I didn’t write their names on their bags). A big fight ensued. Tempers flared, screaming commenced, and tears flowed. Finally, I gave Hope the bag and took my daughter aside. “It really doesn’t matter whose candy it is, it’s more important to be nice to your cousin. Besides, if you had just given the candy away, don’t you think I would have given you more?” Again, the Holy Spirit spoke. I went on to tell her that’s how God is with us. When we are obedient and give of what we have, God, our father, who loves us will always provide. I think she had an epiphany too. I told her that I felt like God wanted to bless her this year, but that she had to trust Him and she needed to do her part and give too. As it turns out, they have been focusing on this at our Church as well. She picked out four Barbie dolls in good condition, with clothes and gave them to another girl who didn’t have much this year.

We, ourselves, don’t have a lot of money this year. But God has certainly blessed us. Mica will have all she wished for and more. But the gifts under the tree that have been donated to us say, “From: Jesus”. The ones we have purchased are from Mommy, Daddy and twins. I do know that she is getting one big gift from Grandma. It remains to be seen if it will say, “From Santa” or not. Regardless, I know she will know that in the end, all good things come from God.

Double Talk Quote: “How is Christmas like your job? You work and work and a fat guy in a suit gets all the credit.” – Pastor Allen

Verse: Give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

Word that has Lost its meaning: Magic

Relatable Lyrics: “The Gift Goes On” by Sandy Patty –

December 22, 2014 (5 months)

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