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All Worth More

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It was 6:00 pm.  Amor had gone to his church group.  Grandma was not here yet.  I was alone with a hungry 6-year-old and two overly-tired, grumpy 8 month old twins.  It had been a stressful day, week, month, year.   I set the complaining babies in their high chairs with Cheerios on their trays and rapidly prepared dinner for Mica and myself.  As Mica ate, I spoon-fed the babies their pureed dinner.  By the time they were finished, they were a mess.  I thought back, “When was the last time they had a bath?  I can’t remember.  That means it was too long ago.”

But to go about bathing them one by one without help would be challenging, especially considering their moods.  I had a baby jumper that can be hung from a door seal, so I tried to put Bella in that, but she was not having it!  So I put her aboard the “mommy train” (meaning I tied her up with a baby carrier to my back) and gave Brooks a bath.  Just as I was finishing up with him, the door-bell rang.

Oh, I forgot I was selling the baby swing that they had outgrown on Craigslist.  It was getting closer to 7pm, the time the mommy buyer was supposed to arrive, she must be early.  Still wearing Bella, I put a naked and oppositional Brooks down in the crib.  I opened the door, but to my surprise, it was a little boy, fundraising.  I hurriedly looked for a dollar for the semi-worthy cause.  “We accept checks, too” the kid called from the doorway.  “I’m sorry, I don’t have the time (or the money, I thought to myself) to find a checkbook and write you one of those,” I stated above the sounds of babies fussing.

After that, I quickly dressed Brooks and took Bella off my back.  Grandma came but hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  So I strapped Brooks on my back, and checked the weather so Mica could pick out her clothes for the next day.  I strapped Bella to the bath seat just in time to hear, “Ding Dong.”

“Can you give me a hand?”  I asked Grandma.  “I just need you to sit in the bathroom with Bella for a minute.”  I sold the swing and returned to wash Bella.  Then I got her ready for bed and took Brooks off my back.  As I tandem nursed the twins, Mica read her library book to me.  Bella fell asleep but Brooks was still wide awake.  I sent Mica to brush her teeth, put BellaBoo down in her crib and put Brooks in an exersaucer in the kitchen, so I could clean up from their dinner.  To keep him calm, I put a serving of cheerios there for him.

I swept the floor, wiped the counters and high chairs and washed the dishes, all the while, swiping bites here and there from my now-cold plate of food that had gone uneaten during dinner time.

I was wiped out and still had to put Mica to bed.  I was almost finished cleaning when Brooksies started making the manly grunting sound he makes when he wants my attention.  “What is it, Baby?”  I asked tenderly.  He put his little hands together, making the sign for “more.”  He’d never done that before.  Usually, he would bang his arms and fuss.  I looked down and he was out of Cheerios.  “Do you want MORE?” I asked, making the sign with my own hands.

The biggest smile lit up his face.  Again, he signed “More!”  He looked so proud of himself.  My heart filled with joy over something so small and yet so significant to me.  He was so happy to show me what he’d learned!  He was so thrilled that I understood him!

That was such a stressful night, day, week, month, year.  Since then, I’ve become much more adept at getting through meals and bath time alone.  But it’s those tiny moments that makes being a mommy worth it!  “More” was totally worth it!

Double Talk Quote:  “Hong on! I mean Hang in! I mean…” car swerves – Grandma (quote from my childhood when she had 3 little ones and a severe case of Mommy Brain)

Bible Verse: “Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”  Matthew 18:10 

Word that has Lost its meaning:  Necklace (replace with “that really cool toy that mommy’s wearing around her neck that I MUST grab and pull and chew.”)

Relatable Lyrics: “Hold on, I’m Coming” by Sam & Dave

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