Think: "You think you can, You think you can, You think you can" & one day say: "You thought you could, You said you could, You knew you could" & thus, at least: you thought you did.

2. Hostage to Homework

Micaela Oso Polar presentation school project 1

There’s this one tune I hear Mica stand and play at the piano.  I’ve heard her play it before on several occasions and it’s a sweet, soothing piece.  She’s never taken lessons.  “Who taught you that song?” I ask.  “No one, I made it up.”  Wow, She’s a diamond in the rough.  What other hidden talents might she have that we are not able to foster at this moment.

Lately it feels like all of our free time is held hostage to this one major task – homework. It’s not that she has too much or that it’s too complicated.  It’s just that it’s boring, repetitive, and time-consuming.  In addition, on the weekends, Mica’s teacher has been sending home a packet of work she was unable to complete during the week.  There are also 3 websites she’s supposed to spend at least 15 minutes a day visiting and “playing” and 2 Accelerated Reader books (one English and one Spanish) that she must read and take a test on each morning.  It feels like we are under water all the time, struggling to breathe.  When is this child supposed to get a break, be a kid, feel free, play with her barbies or watch one episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants?

There are so many important things that I wank Mica to learn.  I want to teach her about personal finance and the importance of tithing.  I want her to have hobbies such as music and sports.  I want her to do chores and be able to keep up with her own room (cleaning and organizing).  I want to teach her how to write in cursive so that when she’s older she can read all the little notes I’ve written to her over the years.  I want her to read some of the things I read as a child, such as “Chick tracts” and “Help me be Good” books to build faith and character.  But most of all, I want her to learn about God and His Word.  The Bible should not come second to homework!  It should not come second to anything.

So I looked at the situation from this angle.  What’s more important?  Drawing 79 cubes or reading and discussing the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den?  I think in life, courage in the face of adversity and faith that God will come through if you are faithful to him, is a more valuable lesson.

So I wrote Mica’s teacher and explained the situation.  I politely told her I would be limiting homework time, at least until we get a diagnosis for Mica (if she does, in fact have A.D.D or A.D.H.D) and focusing on what I think is important.  Thankfully, she was understanding.

The past few days, things have been a bit calmer during the once-dreaded evening hours. I pick out several key questions from the homework assignment or uncompleted work from school and we make those our goal.  I set a timer and she gets done what she gets done.  After that, we do “God Time card” activities (our church’s kids’ devotionals).  Just before bed, we read her AR books and then her Children’s Bible.  Now, finally, we feel some peace.

(Note:  This “Relatable Lyrics” link below is a must see!)

Double Talk Quote:  “You’re gonna rock it!” I told Mica after she had practiced for her school presentation about Polar Bears (Los Osos Polares).  At this point, she was already board and distracted and leaning up against a baby swing.  “I’m already rocking it.” she joked.

Micaela rocks it 1

Verse:  “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Letter that has Lost its meaning:  N (on report card:  for “Needs Improvement”)

Relatable Lyrics: Mica’s “Paradise” by Coldplay – (Video made by Aunt Sarah for Mica’s 4th Birthday)

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  1. Because Kennedy and Mica are in the same class, I feel like I should let you know that you’re not alone. Kennedy has a mound of unfinished work each week as well and we too feel a bit overwhelmed at times with homework and all of the other extras. Drawing the little blocks is time consuming and tedious, especially for a child who is easily distracted & a parent who needs to be cooking dinner…rather than supervising how many blocks of 10 she’s drawn or begging her to come sit down and complete it! Kennedy has also received “N” for uses time wisely and for works independently in every reporting period. Fortunately she is very social. Unfortunately, she is easily distracted and misses out on completing A LOT of classwork and/or misses the instructions! She also does not comprehend the Spanish as well as many in the class. We try to complete everything (except logging in to the websites daily) but by the time we get in bed it’s often 9:30/10 PM. We just try to do the best we can and manage the consequences of the choice we made to put her in this challenging program. To be honest, I frequently feel like I put myself back in elementary school right along with her! I could do an entire presentation on the Oso Polar in either language right now~

    PS I do not recall doing a presentation project like they did before middle school, maybe even high school!

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    • That’s comforting to know. I don’t think I had a that kind of project either until high school! I was very surprised that they allotted 15 minutes for the presentation and questions and I’m so glad to know that Los Osos Polares have 42 teeth!


  2. I am so so SO happy to hear this!!!! You have no idea! It just broke my heart that Mica never had time to simply play & be a kid. I’m so glad the teacher was understanding of your super awesome fantastic idea! THAT rocks! Way to go, supermommy! You are completely right-God & His Word should ALWAYS come first. The verse you connected to this is perfect ❤ o & nice video 😉

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    • LOOOOVE the video! Special, special, just like the one who made it and the star of it.

      I feel so blessed to live in this great Country and truly believe that the educational system here (while far from perfect) is amazing in comparison to many other places. I don’t take that for granted, ever. I also appreciate the program Mica is in. But that education, although it is important, is not the most important. Elementary school kids spend all day at school. Then they are expected to come home and work to reinforce what they learned in school (btw, repeated research studies have conclusively found that there is no correlation bw hw and scholastic success a this age ~ therefore, there is really no payoff). There are few (if any) adults who would enjoy working all day, then coming home and working some more for no pay.

      The most important aspect to recognize is: the school is NOT going to teach my children the Godly principals they need to learn to grow up and become the EarthQuakers world changers that the Lord has called them to be! Amen? I feel the Spirit on that!

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