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Meet a Church: Daystar

Daystar Baptism

Daystar Church, in Greensboro, NC is one of the fastest growing churches in the US today. Eight years ago in a small warehouse on the outskirts of town, Pastor Allen Holmes passed out a large, round, green sticker says “Whatever it takes.” Their mission statement is: “Whatever it takes to make Christ followers who grow, connect, serve, and partner together.”   To this day, that sticker is stuck to my mirror.  Since then, the church has grown over 500% and now has three physical campuses, Daystar En Español, and an online service, which can be accessed from anywhere across the globe.  And they have plans to continue to expand.  Their world-class worship team has even produced its own Christmas album.

There are so many things I love about Daystar.  With a church that large, however, it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd.  Their solution is to create a sense of community using “small groups” to connect church members.  I’ve met some great people over the years, some of whom have become good friends and mentors.  They are people I would (and have) turned to in any kind of life crisis.

My favorite thing about the church is Daystar Kids.  They partner with parents, creating an amazing program that teaches children core values from an early age.  I love, love, love, serving with my sister every Sunday morning and watching four and five-year-olds learn about and worship God.  It’s amazing how something as simple as a kid’s praise song can inundate and lift even a grown-up’s spirit!

2015-07-12 Daystar kids - Rainbow

Read more about Daystar on their site here, or an overview by the site:


Comments on: "Meet a Church: Daystar" (2)

  1. Even though you know I’m not religious per se, but spiritual, I used to attend a small Methodist church a few years ago for about six months. The people were wonderful there. They donated space for one of my women’s support groups and were so cool. My kids went to their VBS and enjoyed it. So although I don’t participate at a church now, I really do appreciate your love for Daystar and its programs.

    And eye spy yet another amazing photo at the top – it makes me happy to look at it! Who took that?? XoXo

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    • I love a good VBS and of course, a good church!!! Starla actually baptized me immediately following Amor’s baptism (in the pic), so I think this one was taken by another awesome volunteer photographer from Daystar! It was actually featured in one of their brochures. (I get credit for the child-like rainbow drawing, lol)

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