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Baby Books and Prayer Journals

I have so much to write.  I love writing my blog and I have so many open drafts, so many ideas of what I want to write, but so little time.  But there is so much more writing I need to do and I’m feeling the pressure to update those things as well as my blog (esp. my “Mommy Resume”.

  1.  My prayer journal:  I’ve been writing prayers – pen to paper for over a decade.  Over the last few months, I’ve been typing or saying prayers but it just doesn’t feel the same as when I sit down with a blank book and chicken-scratch a “Dear God” letter.  There’s no auto-correct.  There’s no editing.  There’s no outline.  And there’s no right or wrong thing to write.  I just pour out my heart and I feel closer to God.  So I’ve been getting up earlier and earlier to try to feel that closeness.  When I’m not interrupted by an early morning rising baby, it’s such a fulfilling feeling to just scribble my thoughts to the Lord in the morning.
  2. Baby Books:  Mica’s baby book is a masterpiece work of art.  It contains drawings we did together and detailed stories from when she was little, with added pages, tailored to show her uniqueness and just how special she is to me.  It is a beautiful exhibit of her character as a baby, and mine too, as a first-time mom.  The twins each have baby books.  I knew it would be challenging to keep up with two, especially considering the time and effort I put into Mica’s.  I definitely have some updating to do there!  With so much going on and so little time, I find myself throwing sticky notes and drawings in the books.  I really need to go through and organize those things, and actually write in them.
  3. Birthday Letters:  On each child’s birthday, I’m supposed to celebrate, make a cake, throw a party, and be exuberant and enthusiastic (regardless of my mood or energy level).  I have also put it upon myself to write an extremely heartfelt card, not to be opened for 18 years (or “when the time is right”).  With four to write for (and two in one day), it can be a lot. These are not just well wishes.  These are spiritual blessings and hopes and dreams for my children’s futures.  Each is unique.  Each is special.  I cry tears of emotion, joy, and sentiment over each.
  4. Immigration:  Amor, my husband, and I have an immigration case pending.  He is from Mexico and is seeking permanent citizenship.  Much of his case resides on my written brief.  For the longest time, we were waiting on the Government for the forms we filed to be processed. The case is currently awaiting my input.  It’s time to get around to that.
  5. Snail Mail:  Who sends good, old-fashioned snail mail anymore?  Me!!!  Well, it’s mostly drawing or collages.  But still, it takes time to put together, write little comments and the addresses, etc.  I send them mostly to my sister but like to surprise other family members from time to time.
  6. Business:  Don’t you just hate calling a big corporation and talking to a machine?  Then after 5 or 10 minutes, you finally get someone on the line and the accent is so thick and the connection so terrible, you can’t communicate?   I’ve gone through this so much and wasted so much time and aggravation.  I usually sit down and write to customers service when I have a complaint with a company.  If they don’t have an online chat or email center, again, I use snail mail.  I usually get results that way with less frustration.  (I get anxiety from talking on the phone anyway, often, even with people I know.  It’s a strange Bipolar-related symptom).

I’m juggling a lot.  Writing is just one of the balls I have in the air. It’s one of my favorite balls to catch, especially due to its therapeutic properties, but it’s hard to keep up with.  There are more pressing issues I have to attend to:  making sure my children are well cared for and also leading them in the path of Jesus, taking care of my marriage, keeping house, grocery shopping and bills, keeping up with friends, helping neighbors, etc.  But I’ll find time.  Lord knows, I have plenty of inspiration. I’ll find time to make it a priority.

(March 17, 2016 –  twins 1 1/2, Hope 6, Mica almost 8!)

Double Talk Quote: “There’s a hair” – Mica, meant to say chair

Bible Verse: “See what large letters I use as I write to you with my own hand!” – Galatians 6:11

Word that has Lost its meaning: Finished

Relatable Lyrics:  “Under Pressure” by Queen

“Chippin’ around, kick my brains ’round the floor
These are the days – it never rains but it pours…

Insanity laughs under pressure we’re cracking
Can’t we give ourselves one more chance?”


Comments on: "Struggle to Juggle: Writing" (14)

  1. You are amazing! Four kids and a husband??? I would never get anything done. I am really touched by the birthday letters. That is an awesome thing to give your children. And I agree with the snail mail thing. Sending up prayers for Amor’s citizenship to be approved quickly and without and bureaucratic delays.

    Love & blessings!


  2. sandracharrondotcom said:

    I so enjoy your blog posts, not to put too much pressure on you, but I hope it’s one of the things you can keep up. I love the prayer journal idea, totally stealing it! This way it’ll force me to get back into my Bible. I find when I get busy, that’s the first thing to get shoved aside. I had started a 30 day Bible study and 6 days into it I could no longer keep up. You’re my inspiration. Please keep blogging…and being bipolar as well, I get how much more difficult it can be to stay focused. I get it ☺

    Liked by 2 people

    • Seems my day always goes smoother when I put God 1st, though it IS hard sometimes. I’m so glad to hear you’re trying to do that too! I pray you’ll be successful and build an even better relationship & grow closer to Him as you do.


  3. You had me at your catchy title, of course! I know that you will do whatever you set out to accomplish. I truly believe that, and I believe it even more after reading this post.

    You’re a master juggler!

    As for the part where you wrote, ” I usually sit down and write to customers service when I have a complaint with a company. If they don’t have an online chat or email center, again, I use snail mail. I usually get results that way with less frustration. (I get anxiety from talking on the phone anyway, often, even with people I know. It’s a strange Bipolar-related symptom).”

    I am the EXACT SAME WAY, Michelle, when it comes to writing customer service and the phone! I get major anxiety talking on the phone to the point where I only do it if I absolutely have to do it – I text instead. (Sadly many people don’t text, but I’m grateful for whoever does do it!)

    I adore handwritten letters, notes and postcards. They have become a lost art, so I’m glad you still do that when you can.

    Lastly, I’m extremely impressed that you wrote the brief for Amor’s case – my jaw dropped at that line! 🙂 But you know what? I’m not surprised! You *are* the SuperMommy after all, in every sense! 😉

    You never cease to inspire me, my dear.
    I’m really glad you found time to write this post!!!
    ***thank you***!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dyane, we have such common ground. I always see it in your posts and comments and you find it in mine as well. From late, beloved, bipolar fathers, to phone issues, to a passion for writing. I’m so glad I found your blog when I did. I love that I’ve found someone who can relate to what I’m going through, even if not a “real life” friend. I feel you ARE a true friend. As usual, thanks for taking the time to read and comment and your continual support! It means the world to me!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Loved this response – I wish I was religious, but I’m not called to it….yet. Never say never in this life! But my psychiatrist inspires me so much and you know he’s a devout Christian & a minster! I’m so honored that you recognize what you and I have in common; I’m honored to know you and consider you a true friend as well. I’m super-picky, so only a SUPER Mommy will do! 😉 XOXOXOXOXO

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  4. This reminds me that I have a baby book in dire need of being updated! I was/am horrible with those things!

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha- Don’t you just love how they ask for specific dates about when teeth came in or shot records? I’m usually like, I don’t remember or that’s not important, so I just paste over those pages with a drawing we did together or a picture of a big, toothy smile 🙂

      Hope you get a chance to update yours soon! I’ll be busy trying to do the same.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Honey, I feel your pain. I decided to start my blog a few months ago and I absolutely love it, but I cannot at this time put in the time and attention it needs. I work full time, go to school full time, lead a youth group, and I am a mom. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to put aside the blogging for adulting. Best of luck to you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, the blogosphere is a wonderful place to be, but we don’t live life here, that’s for sure! Sorry you don’t get to write as much as you’d like but it sounds like you have a pretty fulfilling life and that’s a pretty good trade-off, I’d say! God bless you with your adluting, mommying, and youth ministry.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. […] been working a lot on immigration case work for my husband lately, so I had plenty to do to occupy my time.  But I worried I’d run […]


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